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Dude(s) in Distress week - A classic from Detective 569

Definitely a contender for the loveliest art on a deathtrap (outside of my own commissions of course ;) )

I've posted a sample of this before for "Henchmen week", but I used very little of it, and am repeating some of it here, so am still under a third I believe.

From the first issue of the wonderfully fantastic Mike W Barr/Alan Davis run comes this beautiful little Dude in distress sequence, which highlights just how some writers GET Batman's character.

Robin's staring eyes are slightly terrifying in their own right!

This is Jason Todd 1.0 and is considered, I think, to be pre-Crisis. The Joker is robbing a museum, and has captured the now-reformed Catwoman.

How very Joker-ish a weapon, and how very Batman-ish a reaction, wanting to protect Catwoman and Robin at any cost.

After some Joker jackanapes at his base, a little later we cut back to the museum; And this next two page sequence reminds me why I love the Batclan so much...

If I ever wanted to hug the two of them in the most innocently respectable manner, it would be right about now. Batman shutting out all concerns because it's the only way to save both of them, Jason's (almost) last words being not Batman, but Bruce, Batman's instant move from saving himself to rescuing Robin... just pure, weapons grade awesome IMHO!

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You're right, the art is beautiful. GO ALAN DAVIS!

Among other things, that is some seriously scary Jokerface at the bottom of Page 2. I think it's the black above the eyes that does it.
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I love it! That is, I die from envy, but I love it! *grinds teeth*