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First shot at a post, sorry if there's any problem!

We've seen it from Dick Grayson in Batman and Robin's first run: if these pages from Detective Comics #815 are any indication, stepping into the boots of Batman entails losing a certain skill. Can you guess what it is?

During the party, Alfred is stabbed by an escaped Victor Zsasz. Once again, Alfred shows just how tough a butler can be, which, if you're Alfred, amounts to 'pretty tough'.

Bruce Wayne then announces to the public that Zsasz has failed to kill Alfred in a ploy to lure the murderer out of hiding. After risking getting caught by then-Commissioner Akins and a squad of police, traveling through the sewers and taking down Zsasz in front of Alfred's bed, the following exchange happens:

The art and inking in this issue is so neat and crisp. The story's great, too: easy to digest and little need for continuity, a neat tale wrapped in a two-issue bundle.

But I mostly liked this issue because of Alfred - nice to see he isn't above asking Batman for nice stuff now and then. He deserves it.

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We'd need at least a month to cover it all!


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