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And no, I don't mean Jason Todd.

From Ghost Rider series 2 issues 13 and 14

Ghost Rider, recently reborn in the body of Danny Ketch, has come to the end of another mission, and as he often does, comes back to the graveyard where his sister is buried (She had been killed a few issues earlier (I can't say for sure if it was a fridging, but the odds seem quite high))

Not a great way to introduce yourself stranger.... (and isn't Danny looking a little like a young Charlie Sheen in this next panel?)

As folks who follow the title will know, John Blaze (Usually known as Johnny) was the first motorcycle-riding skeletal demon punishing evildo-ers, and had actually had that rarest of things; a happy ending when they didn't want to use the character any more. Zarathos, the demon who shared his body with Blaze has essentially exorcised and Johnny went on to marry his sweetheart and fade into comic-book limbo.

Until now...

And now on to issue 14 and it's straight into distress territory.

Though he's quick to make it clear that's not what he'd prefer to do, becuase he understands the stupidity of youth, after all, that's how HE became the Ghost Rider too, but still... tied up, gagged and stuck in a motel room with a guy with anger manage issues and a shotgun... yeah, I can see a few reasons for Danny to be a little unsettled)

We cut away to some unpleasantness involving the cast of the Honeymooners being eviscerated by Blackout, a mass murdering 1990's comic book vampire type thing.

Then we cut back...

And THEN how will you say the safety word?

Honestly; dark glasses, leather tunic (The remains of his original costume) under a grungy raincoat, smoking a roll up, designer stubble AND has a ponytail... has to be said, this guy is pure angsty cliché on a scale hitherto unimagined...

Danny recognises the work of the killer that Ghost Rider has been seeking...

Seriously? You learn magic to do bondage tricks? If it weren't quite so weird, I might be jealous!

That isn't consensually agreed BEFORE WE START!!

I'd say it all ended with hugs and bunnies, but I doubt you'd believe me.

Date: 2012-02-02 11:49 pm (UTC)
From: [personal profile] hybrid2
He was cancel a few months later.Did'nt even bother printing the planed last issue.


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