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The role of the Red Hood will be played today by Spider-man has the article teasing the next big event in Peter Parker's life, as the events that lead to #700 draw near. And par the course, we get some changes to Peter's MO.

UPDATE Now with the top half of the new costume.

Looks more like Red Hood biker costume with spider trimmings.

I hope it's not something dragged out for a long time.

Yup, elements of Night Thrasher, Red Hood, original Scarlet Spider... no Nightwing.

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It looks quite similar to the costume from "No One Dies," only in different colors.

My guess is Caselli started with that design and streamlined/recolored it. Which is fine by me, because my problems with that costume are the thematically nonsensical colors and the business.

Also, not to solicit mottos, but it's not just me and [personal profile] kingrockwell that that "armoring up" montage is kinda ... sensual, right? Because we were chatting about that yesterday. It's the top middle panel, I think, and the way Caselli renders lips.
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it is kind of sensual. I like.
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Okay, now that we see the new costume ... the colors and overall lines are better than Martin's take, but I'm not a big fan of the bulkiness. Granted, there's story context we're missing, but thematically it just seems off. I like the look of the costume; it just doesn't fit. But we'll see, I guess!
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When did we get a caucasian Spider-Man?

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A cross between Red Hood and current Nightwing, with a touch of classic Night Thrasher perhaps?
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With a little pinch of Flash Thomsons Venom.
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So that still leave Spider-Man with a lack of well Spider-Man.
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You know, without the glasses or being completely in the frame, Doc Ock in that rig looks a little.. well, ridiculous.

Chameleon's robe, meanwhile, makes it look like Ock called that meeting at six in the morning and he's the only one who didn't get dressed. It works for him, but amongst an assembly of guys in costume, I'm not sure it has the same effect.
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Love the turtle neck. ONLY EVIL wears turtlenecks.
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That the new status quo has been going on for this long makes me a sad panda.
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Nice shoulderpads and wristguards, Wade!

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So Peter's Aunt May is at the end of the earth?

Whatever that mean.

save you,protect you...I just cant take him seriously,anymore.
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I will go to the Ends of the Earth...

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to PWN You!

This is kinda fun. lol
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Blah :/

Looks like another one of Peter's "Costume of the week" thingies. One he'll use in a single issue, get rid of it/destroy it, completely forgot about then 2 years after that it will be unlockable in some new Spider-man game.