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She has a habit of accidentally hurting or killing people through either basic common sense or lack of people skills.

Such as her causing an entire city block in Metropolis to get exploded, causing Superman to evict the team from the city.

Or her starting a fight with Black Alice, a power meta who was on medication to control her violent moodswings and was making a determined effort to NOT be a supervillain, because she saw Barbara as HER mentor and any other teen superhumans hogging her time are obviously trying to steal Babs away from her. Charlie's shouting and physically pushing Alice around caused her to go on a relapse that kept going for the rest of the DCU, up through Secret Six and up to the reboot.

Or her deciding to kick Barbara in the face, out of her chair, on the basis that "superheroes fight, and then become friends!".

I get that she doesn't MEAN to leave a wake of destruction behind her, but she seemed to also lack the basic selfawareness required to stop too.

She said she couldn't save her family from a burning apartment building. Fine, they established she couldn't teleport living things without exploding, that I can except...

But all she does is stare up at her family burning to death from the street below. Look, if you can't save them, call the fire department, and grab a fire blanket, bucket of water, or a fire extinguisher or something, and fight for time until someone comes along who can actually DO thing bloody useful!

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