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I'm reminded of the fact that when Bryan Miller was doing interviews early on pushing his Steph!Girl book he commented basically that Steph was a more open character and her costume reflected instead of Cass!Girl where she seemed emotionless and you can never tell how she was feeling behind the mask. Which is so wrong on so many levels and something anyone who had ever read either Damion Scott or Ale Garza's artwork (and how many expressions you could see Cass making with her mask on) on the Batgirl title would ever say.

I know Gail has expressed that she got Cass wrong the 1st time she appeared in BoP, Adam Beechan SAID he read some of the Puckett/Scott run but his work showed no evidence of it, Beechan's editors (Tomasi & Berganza) apparently told him his original reasons for Cass going EV-IL (before the Deathstroke retcon) made perfect sense for the character and Bryan Miller's reluctance to use her even when she was freed by Editorial (post-Red Robin) even in Steph's "future" where apparently she's pals with Supergirl and Miss Martian but her former BFF Cass is still non-existent - all that seems to show that no matter how much love Cass has received from her fanbase/readers, people working within the Bat-Offices themselves STILL seem very uncomfortable and unfamiliar with the character.

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