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Action Comics #808 Supergirls Part 3 of 3

Given the story focus in the end of this arc was pretty much not on Superman, at least directly, I'm not sure if this really counts as a Dude in Distress post... But hey, Ninja Fighting!

7 1/3 pages from a 22 page story. Man, cutting this one was hard. REALLY. HARD. I loved this story so much.


Natasha realizes the best bet on healing the ailing Superman is to get him back to the Fortress of Solitude via a teleportation unit as Steelworks and they hook Superman on a recovery machine.

"What does it matter? I'm BLEEDING."

When suddenly Kelex announces to the girls "Kick it, my bizzles! The crib is under attack!" and Natasha realizes she never closed the teleportation door to the Fortress when they all came over. Plot induced stupidity I'll admit but something somewhat easy to overlook I guess given the rush to get Superman healed.

Alright we then cue to Byakko beating the girls up rather the same as before including stabbing Traci in one of her legs.

Byakko decides to exposit a bit and we find out about her story and her husbands Gunshin.

Gunshin and Byakko operated in Japan it seems battling the Yakuza and fought against the drug lords in particular. Of them Kojiro nicknamed the Tiger was one Gunshin really wanted revenge on since Kojiro killed Gunshin's mother. Superman met the two and was helped in a battle against a villain named Sakki.


Supergirl/ Cir-El then proceeds to take a swing at Byakko only for Byakko to reveal another tidbit to the girls. "At least you HAVE a father. My child will have no one." Distracted Byakko whacks Supergirl down.


Seems in their all out battle with Byakko Natasha accidentally wandered too close to an area...

The attack from this alien creature takes them to yet another area of the Fortress, Superman's trophy room.

And Nat tells Byakko to look at another letter.

This apparently finally makes Byakko realize she was wrong in her views of Superman as the one who caused her hudbands death and shortly before leaving (presumably via the Steelworks portal again) she visits Lana and Superman.

And so a recovered Superman pops up to thank the girls and say how they did a great job.

And then the girls made out... I still have to admit them all just collapsing on the same bed is rather odd to see but amusing.

While this story was never collected it was quickly referenced in Traci's World of Flashpoint mini which also had Traci in issue 2 finding herself wondering why she seemed to know Natasha Irons.


But of course since Cir-El was retconned shortly after the Supergirls arc Traci doesn't remember her help save the day...Sigh.                                                                                          

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I would recommend taking that blanket off and seeking out comics published today that still have all these things, because "those days" didn't go anywhere.

The new Avatar Graphic novel, for instance. And Wolverene and the X-Men. And from what I've read of Teen Titans, that's had pretty fun character interaction too. And Atomic Robo, of course.
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Sorry if I came off as a shut-in with my initial comment ^^;

It's true that there are books like Atomic Robo that blend humor and badass very well.

I'll definitely take a look at A:TLA The Promise and some of your other recs.

Oh and speaking of badass, that is a great icon!