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And finally for Dudes in Distress Week... honest! Then I'll be quiet!

As noted earlier, this is a repost of a post originally made in 2009 in our IJ days, but I thought that in honours of Dude in Distress week a fresh posting might be made as an exception.

So what did I pick? Go on... guess!

Now, George Perez as been known to draw many a dazzling damsel in scantily clad distress, but clearly felt it was payback time in New Teen Titans 22 when it was the ever popular Mr Grayson's turn to go through a bit of stripping and chaining up. And God bless him for it!

The story so far. Several of the Titans have, in civilian ID's, infiltrated the apparently benevolent, but actually malevolent "Church of Blood" (The clue is in the name guys, so what if the leader "Brother Blood" tries to explain that it's because blood is the essence of life... his second in command is called Mother Mayhem for pities sake)

The reason is that Cyborg's first girlfriend was killed trying to escape the Church. Confronting Brother Blood himself, the team have quickly changed to their costumed ID's (Raven's ability to generate clouds of smoke comes in handy at times) but been defeated.

As shown in this sample of the original art from issue 21 (This is borrowed from the collection of Michael Lovitz, a man after my own heart in oh so many ways...)

I love that Blood manages to shatter the Batarang AND blast Robin unconscious with ONE SHOT! The guy has MOVES!

Suffice it to say, that the rest of the team (Wonder Girl, Kid Flash and Raven) fare no better (Though Raven's soul-self manages to escape), and now as NTT 22 starts, he's sorting through his captives, and decides he want's to take "the non-powered one, the boy called Robin" away for some schemes of his own. Clearly it's the now exposed chest which convinces him! Also note that Brother Blood is strong enough to casually pick Robin up by the utility belt without even straining, and ensures that he takes personal responsibility for transporting the Teen Wonder (Wouldn't we all)

After a quick chat with a corrupt politician Blood decides to pay a visit to his personal project... The pictures on the wall mean nothing to him, but clearly brightly clad acrobats do... make of that what you will! :)

And his Confessor has gone to some length to make sure that he's manacled his prisoner properly and is displaying enough captive Robin to keep the boss (and us) happy.

This next page also shows that Blood is a people person, he knows the names of this troops, and engages them in, if not casual, then relatively easy-going conversation... even if the topic is a little creepy.

Note that the "electronic lash" doesn't leave a mark on the skin, but does shred clothing... Whatever Brother Blood spent on R&D on that thing was more than worth it!

Now it has been noted that Beast Boys powers should have made him an excellent choice for infiltration, but perhaps they were nervous of Blood having sensors which would spot green animals or something. Besides, his powers make for a useful backup in emergencies. And as Raven's soul-self promptly arrives to get their help in rescuing their friends, it's maybe just as well.

Things are stepping up in the "Let's make life difficult for the Teen Wonder stakes" in Blood's Confessional ! I confess that reading this for the first time my first thought was "Boy, he's got nice teeth!".. well, actually my first thought was either "Woof! or whatever the equivalent of "SQUEEEEE!" was back then... Note the exposed chest, the tattered costume, the nicely toned... well, darn near EVERYTHING and if profuse sweating is remotely a turn on, then your luck's in!

I'm also not sure that it's physically possible to be in the position Dick is in in the last panel, but he WAS the bendy Robin...

Now, just remember that for the rest of the issue, Robin is running around wearing only his trunks, pixie boots, gloves and mask. That alone should give you the warm fuzzies... Being dunked into a dungeon full of slime isn't exactly glamorous but just pretend that it's green bath foam or something and it becomes a lot more appealling as a concept.

Oh, and also kudos to Brother Blood on this next page for excellent management techniques, he takes the time to reassure his employee (okay, he's his chief torturer, but he probably studied a lot to get that job) that he may not have succeeded, but it wasn't for lack of trying, and that he appreciates the effort.

So after being tortured and dumped into a cellar with his unconscious friends and a killer giant spider, we see that NOTHING stops our Teen Wonder, who proceeds to go into a spectacular acrobatic routine to save them!

I'd say that even if "Dude in Distress" is not your thing, you should enjoy these pages for Perez' mastery of human anatomy, which is as superb as always.

And finally, as he thinks his chips are down, his last thoughts are going to be of Bruce... Awwwww! (Please note he also cuddles Raven a lot closer in his last seconds, the man has taste, though the spider is clearly keen to find out what he tastes OF!)

Yes, Dick you go and try to arouse Wallace... and frankly, if you can't get him aroused when you're dressed like that, then Wallace is clearly completely and utterly dead. (Snicker snicker... sorry, I am 12 sometimes...)

Luckily Raven saves him and the others, and all ends, not happily, as Blood escapes and makes the Titans look bad in the process, but at least with the still near-naked Robin rejoining his friends

This issue is worth noting for being in many ways, the issue which cemented that Dick was no longer just Batman's sidekick. Yes, he'd been a solo hero for a couple of years now, and the Titans leader for longer, but he had never had to go through anything like this before, and in resisting Blood's torture just as much as Batman would, made it clear that he was actually becoming something of a badass hero in his own right and no longer just the "laughing daredevil".

And I have to end with a couple of on topic commissions, one mine, one I wish were! :) Both show that Mr Perez has absolutely no issues with continuing to show dudes in distress.

And with that I bid farewell to "Dude in Distress Week", with thanks again for all who shared! :)

Here's to the next theme week, where I doubt I will be quite as heavy a contributor but this one really was my oeuvre.

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Well, a chastity belt for the busy teen vigilante!


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