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Huntress #5 Preview

Looks like this issue will be tonnes better than the last, and Helena sheds more light on her upbringing.

I’m led to believe now, Earth-2 Batman was just like his original Golden Age version, who used to kill people. I also think she’s being more Selina-like in her approach to fighting crime. Maybe Earth-2 Selina was the post-Crisis Selina? I’m starting to increasingly believe this is *very* likely.

From DC's Source:


Damn this is too exciting. This, plus Harley's Quinn's origin coming out this week? Wednesday please come fast!!!! XP
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(which I find highly unlikely since they feared this guy),

ummm Helena clearly said "I leave this bastard at your mercy" i think it is safe to assume that they did in fact kill him. or tied him up and threw him over board andlet god handle it.

the police could have killed him too, but i think the stronger implication is the women did.

blowing up a ship is no gaurantee of killing everyone or anyone on board. they could have bailed, it could have caused structual damage only... infact, i think the frieghter was said to be empty except for the girls and the skelenton crew, the point was to take the ships out of comission not the people on board necissarily
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Are you seriously making this argument? :/ If you go back and look at the school bus pages on #2, you'll see that there are guys actively running onboard the ship just as it goes "boom" and you see Helena driving away with a smile on her face. There's also the fact that she snapped at a a guy for firing a gun near a tanker as it could "cause an explosion."

o_o i admit its been a while since i read those issues, but how "explody" did the ship get? to me, unless there are bodies floating in the sea, or it is expressly stated "At least those men won't be hurting any more women ever again." then i concider most if not all to have survived.

I would believe this more if they were actually shown to be angry at Moretti for the way that he treated them vs looking helpless even when Helena left Moretti "at [their] mercy." She could've inspired them to be stronger, sure, but I doubt they would have actually killed him. So the cops offing him makes more sense to me since the cops weren't shown to be honest cops if they were affiliated with him and the Kufra chairman.

the way i see it, if Moretti saw that they still feared him, and helena was now gone, i see no reason for him not to reassert his dominance over the women... and if he still feared reprisal from Helena, the women would most likely take advantage of the situation. i see one woman looking surprised, at Helena, another one who's face seems impassive. Both looking at Helena, not looking at Moretti at all. so thier "shock" is being aimed at Helena, who just kicked the shit out of the man they were afraid of... they look more in awe of Helena, than in fear of a now basically powerless Moretti. and there is a third woman who's face we can't even see for all we know she is grining in satisfaction....

the point is, yes, the police could have killed him.... but the women (who have recieved a great many abuses from and because of this man) are as likely as the police are.