Date: 2012-02-07 11:52 pm (UTC)
The problem is that you can't have both continuity and a sliding timescale. The most you can do is to look at the older stories and say "ok, something similar to that happened to the current characters." The Fantastic Four might have gone into space, but they didn't do it to be the Russians to the moon. (though if they're updating the origin, I would like to see Reed building a rocket in his backyard and telling the others that in the mid 90s, and the others humoring him because they think he's insane.) Reed and Ben didn't fight in World War 2. Peter Parker didn't go to his college classes wearing a jacket and tie, not to mention a canary yellow vest, and how did Flash Thompson meet Sha Shan? He got lost from his unit in Iraq and wandered into Vietnam? The best thing to have done if they were going to take continuity seriously would have been to age the characters in real time, but while that might have made for good comics, it would have been lousy branding.
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