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2005 Question mini-series Vic Sage And Superman Interaction.

The Question "walks in two worlds" when sent into visionary trances by Rodor's gas, now retconned as a hallucinogen. In these trances, cities (Chicago, where he is a TV anchor, and then Metropolis, where the series takes him) "speak" to him through visual coincidences and overheard snatches of street conversation. Regarding himself as a spiritual warrior, he is now comfortable killing his enemies when this seems useful and poetically just. He uses his skills and his alternate moral code first to detect and then to foil a plot by Lex Luthor not only to assassinate Superman (using chi energy which Sage can detect) but to prevent his return from the dead (which Superman had recently achieved following his death in DC's notorious Doomsday event) by damning his soul upon death. Sage is revealed to have a lifelong infatuation with fellow journalist Lois Lane, which he does not divulge to her.

The Question #4

The Qestion #5

The Question #6

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That's exactly how I feel about it. Part of why it works is the story, I think, with Superman acting as the general traditional superhero who's not in tune with this kind of threat, whereas the urban shaman is.

For some reason I like the idea of a malleable Question. He's distinctly different every time a writer gets a hold of him, but somehow fits into the story and makes it feel right. This is as perfect to a Rick Veitch story as the grim-zen Vic was to O'Neill's philosophical crime stories, and as an objectivist Vic was to Ditko's morality tales, and as conspiracy nut Vic was to McDuffie's shadow government epic, and as humorous mentor Vic was to Rucka's Montoya's transitioning.