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Actually Namor sounded liked the smartest here.

While Tony and Steve haven't much interaction with the Phoenix Force, they know people who have. I'm sure there is files on it they can read about, namely from Beast or Tony might have been told by Professor X during the Illuminati period.

Both Tony and Steve are going off by what Nova Corps member saw in Point One. Which was the Phoenix Force wipe out an entire civilization sparing no one. So what they are doing is sound choice, based on the information at hand. It's still not the best course of action they could take, but hey they just got told that something to killed an entire planet is heading their way.

As it is Steve is there in person to talk to the X-Men. He's not doing it by video feed or phone, he is doing it in person. Which is a good move on his part.

While Cyclops is trying to rationalize Phoenix coming to Earth as something that will benefit mutants. The Phoenix is a cosmic entity, it has it's own mind and ideas, and just because the Phoenix is about death and rebirth does not mean that the X-Men and everyone will come back for the rebirth phase. After for the planet the Phoenix destroyed the only rebirth shown so far was a single plant. So Scott really has to consider the fact that during the rebirth phase everything might change. I think Namor and Magneto are being smart here questioning Scott on his logic here.

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