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Batgirl #6

While there were some moments in this book I found a bit silly, all in all I actually liked this issue. Especially the scenes between Gretel and Barbara.

First, mum is back!

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Barbara being all Oracle-like by doing her homework. That I like. Though I am starting to wonder if she still had her big iconic clock tower in this new DCU if she was only Oracle for three years.

And now, Batman and Batgirl team-up!

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Not sure if I'm looking forward to revisiting the "The Joke," but I will nevertheless check it out to see if there's any mention of her as Oracle. I'm honestly still waiting on that confirmation. :(
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Oh, please do go on. It's not like I'm at a point where I feel that DC is the company to make decisions I'll actually like right now...
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Yeah... you were always meant to be nothing more than just a girl Barbara. Not a Batwoman.. cause we already have one running around. But you'll always be Batgirl.. not those other two who came after you. Or you're own heroic identity. Just Batgirl forever. *bangs head on desk*

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Ha, thanks.
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Oh my god, I want to hit something.

That's just... such an insult, not only to Steph and Cass and Helena and Bette, but to Babs as well.

Argh, I hate this reboot so much. So, so much.