Huntress #5

Feb. 8th, 2012 03:06 pm
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And now to contrast Barbara Gordon's fight with Gretel, how about 4 pages of Helena Wayne's own personal brand of justice against the Chairman of Kufra himself?

Aside from some cliche dialogue and some blantant misogyny, this was actually a pretty good issue. In fact it was shit tonnes better than the last three issues, which makes me wonder why this mini didn't pick up pace sooner.

As for Helena Wayne's characterisation in this issue...let's just say this issue will either make or break the deal for any pre-existing Huntress fans. I don't think I need to clarify my position on this comm since this is *me* we're talking about, but I will say that this definitely has me excited for the series' conclusion next month, and even moreso with Power Girl making an appearance.

And so the hunting ends...

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Looks like killing that female sex worker hit a nerve with Helena if she teared up and killed the bastard herself with no seconds hesitation. (Is this a hint at Earth-2 Selina having the post-Crisis Selina's sex worker origin? Further hint of how she might have died on Earth-2?)

Can't say I'm actually surprised they went this route with Helena if her characterisation as the post-Crisis Helena Bertinelli was any indication, or to go back even earlier yet, Joey Cavalieri's take on the pre-Crisis Helena Wayne. At best, this either hints that she was either mostly raised by Selina, or Earth-2 Bruce is just like his Golden Age incarnation who started off his Batman career mercilessly killing foes. Or if Earth-2 Bruce is as unwavering on his strict "no-kill" rule as the mainstream one, maybe Helena just had plenty of exposure growing up and this is her way of saying "fuck it, I'm playing by my own rules."

Either way, looks like she and Damian will get along just fine...or maybe not since Damian might think of his Earth-2 "half-sister" as competition, pre-existing misogyny issues aside. Not that he'd have much to worry about since I doubt main DCU Bruce would be anymore approving of Huntress this time around, Earth-2 daughter or not. XP

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*nods* i just want it to make sense and not be a "ey it would be cool..."


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