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Doug wonders how many languages he can say "It's payback time" in (Plus anime news)

The death of Cypher at the gun-toting hands of the loser-villain "the Ani-Mator" in New Mutants V1 #60 is covered here

And now in New Mutants V2

It's been a shame since he came back from dead, that Doug and Lock haven't really done their cool "Warlock turns into armoured battlesuit for Doug" routine.

But now, as the next arc features the return of the Ani-Mator, the good old days are back, as the cover for issue 40 (by Kris Anka) shows...

M'boys, back in action together!! YAY! (I want an action figure of that so bad....)

And speaking of cute guys (and ladies) from the 1980's in cool armour!

Toie have announced that a completely new Saint Seiya anime is starting in Japan on 1 April! News article here

Saint Seiya Omega features a new cast (with a couple of possible returning characters, it's unclear how much of a reboot or sequel it is) and some new Cloths...

Kōga is a 13-year-old boy who assumed the role of the Bronze Saint of the Pegasus constellation. His undefeatable spirit and rebellious nature are strong, as is his single-minded determination. He meets the Saints and comes to learn about the importance of friendship and bonds. His special technique is the "Fist of the Pegasus Meteor."

Saori Kido also appears as the protector of peace and all living things on Earth — and the woman who raised Kōga like a parent. She is the incarnation of the fighting goddess Athena. Mars, a warrior of the red planet, kidnaps Athena to establish a new world order, and Kōga stands up against Mars.

Other characters who appear include:
  • Yuna, the 14-year-old heroine and Bronze Saint of the eagle constellation Aquila
  • Sōma, Kōga's 14-year-old loyal close friend and Bronze Saint of the lion constellation Lionet (Leo Minor)
  • Ryūhō, Kōga's 12-year-old younger brother and Bronze Saint of the dragon constellation Draco
  • Eden, the enigmatic 15-year-old Bronze Saint of the constellation Orion
  • Haruto, the 13-year-old intelligent descendent of ninja and Bronze Saint of the wolf constellation
In the first episode, Athena sees the sleeping baby Kōga at the Sanctuary where the 12 Constellations can be seen. However, a looming darkness rises, and it topples a pillar right over Kōga. Fortunately, the Gold Saint Seiya appears and saves Kōga from certain death. Then, the malevolent enemy Mars appears, dressed in a cloak.

Could be fun! And might mean even MORE great action figures!

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