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Green Lantern #06

The *necessary* evil of Sinestro continues, as the reluctant Green Lantern hunts down the rest of his Sinestro Corps.

Sinestro is tracking Lyssa Drak, as she was able to retain most of her Yellow Ring power because she also has the book of the Black Lanterns. Lyssa is on the home planet of a defeated opponent of Sinestro, Starstorm (new character, as far I can tell) who is now pitiful shadow of the great hero he once was. Starstorm has his own light based abilities, able to track Yellow Ring energy and disrupt it. But the man who wields it no longer has the heart or spirit to fight.

Nevertheless, they find Lyssa, and during combat Sinestro manages to reach into the Book of the Black and tear out a page.. a page with his information on it.

Sinestro is able to defeat Lyssa by shattering Starstorm's power source at ground zero next to Lyssa, and letting the energy wave overwhelm her. But he keeps her alive, as he will need her. And Hal Jordan.

Yup, Sinestro knows what the Guardians are planning. And he is on their way to stop them.
With Hal Jordan in tow, whether he likes it or not.