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Incredible Hulk #5

Wow. Really?

... the revelation about who split the Hulk and Banner into 2 separate beings is revealed. As if it wasn't obvious who would go to for something like this.

This entire issue is just a big set up, as while Hulk battles Banner's creations (and someone makes a monkey out of him) Banner takes on the science team hit squad, and out-classes them in terms of brains, firepower and emotional manipulation.

And as the fight escalates, Hulk flashes back to how he and Banner were no longer bound together.

Are you happy to see me or is that just a chainsaw under your garb, Victor?

Who but DOOM has the skill and power to carve puny Banner out of the mighty Hulk and dump half of the brain into a cloned body?

God, the art on some of these pages...
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Oh, wait, wrong universe. And publisher.