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It's been almost a year since my favorite Blue Space Story Vampire character showed up so I shall share 3 pages of the lovely Lyssa bringing the total pages posted of the issue in total to 4 so far.


The fellow with Sinestro is named Starstorm a former hero who's now a tired and burned out man after having been utterly beaten down by Sinestro apparently years ago. The two found Lyssa since Starstorm's helmet is able to track ring energy which was how Starstorm used to track Sinestro similarly. 


At this point we have Sinestro see the vision from the prior post.


What is Starstorm's fate? Dun dun dun....

While I liked this story since any story with Lyssa becomes more fun somehow, I was rather surprised that she was actually defeated, get the book to see how! When she last showed up wielding the book of the black she easily overpowered all the ring leaders using the Book of the Black which was what Sinestro explicitly wanted to get from her this issue. I'm also surprised because I figured Geoff Johns was trying to slowly build her up as a top dcu villain since between Sinestro and Krona she's been the business partner who does better than her partner and always comes out ahead. I figured she'd keep being upped in stories until she was a big level villain on her lonesome though thankfully the story's end actually set's up she'll be important somehow in the coming days.                                                                                                                

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I'm entirely too distracted by the sacred book of nothing but blank pages..
What, would it kill you to scribble a little lorem ipsum in there..?


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