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In this post I will be showing the classic romance of Donna Troy and Terry Long, by Marv Wolfman and George Perez.

We first meet Terry in The New Teen Titans #8.


Then in #9...

This scene from #12 takes place after the "Titans of Myth" storyline, where Hyperion entranced Donna and made her fall in love with him.

#13 has Donna taking her anger out on some criminals.

#20 is narrated by Wally West, who's writing a letter to his parents.

In #28...





#38 is the "Who is Donna Troy?" issue.

Dick helps Donna find out the truth about her past; her mother Dorothy Hinckley gave her up for adoption because she had terminal cancer and was dying. She was adopted by Carl and Fay Stacey. When Carl died in a job-related accident, Fay had little money left and was forced to give Donna up for re-adoption, where she was put into a child-selling operation. The bodies in the fire Donna remembered were of the people who were planning on selling her. Donna is reunited with Elmira Cassiday, the woman who ran the orphanage Dorothy went to, and Fay, who had gotten remarried.

Tales of the Teen Titans #42 takes place during the "Judas Contract" storyline.

In #45, Terry has his bachelor party.



In the double-sized #50, Donna and Terry finally get married.

Later, Diana tells Donna and Terry that they need to come with her.

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You can, however, tell them to stuff it.

Terry at bachelor party:
"Barry, please don't.
"[to Dick] I forgot to warn you about Barry's tastes. He thinks this is class."

There's some irony in how all these moments appeared in New Teen Titans, a comic built around pictures of fantastic looking young people, both male and female, who spend a lot of time around the pool and in the showers when they're not flying around in skintight or skin-baring costumes.

If enjoying the view at beautiful bodies makes some of these characters creepy, then we really shouldn't be reading this magazine.


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