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Red Hood #6 Preview: An interesting creative change, and the return of a (semi) beloved costume...

 So today UGO posted a preview for next week's Red Hood & The Outlaws #6, which looks to be a completely flashback issue about the first meeting between Jason and Starfire.

Two things I noticed: One is that Lobdell isn't doing the full scripts for this issue, but rather Josh Williamson of the "Supergirl/Damian" S/B issue fame and current writer of Voodoo.

Second will be put under a cut.

That's right! Whlie Dick's Robin costume seemed to have had some tweaks, it looks like his initial Discowing costume is still around!
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I like this, but the timeline continues to elude me.

1) How old are all the Robins and how long was each Robin?

2) Did Nightwing and Batman still have their falling out? I thought the DCnU Robin program was an internship program designed by Batman to churn out promising youngsters into competent vigilantes now. Did that change or did that happen after Dick left? After Jason was killed and brought back to life by Talia...did Death in a Family still happen?

3)Have they let us know if the Titans or Nightwing's history with Slade happened in the DCnU? Does DCnU Nightwing have any leadership experience at all?

4)What is DCnU's relationship with Superman? Did Dick still get the idea for the Nightwing identity from him?
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I really loathe how they are aged Jason up. He was 12-13 when Dick left to become Nightwing, and Dick was in college at the time. Then Jason died after being Robin for barely a year, and 6 months later Tim became Robin.

I understand that, with the current timeline, there is no way Jason could be 6 years younger than Dick. But still, Jason should be a fair bit younger than Dick and around Tim's age. Instead writers and artists insist on making him a fair bit older than Tim and around Dick's age.

It really annoys me because I much prefer to think of Jason as Dick's little brother, and if they are around the same age it just doesn't feel the same.