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Back in 2001, Marvel Comics decided to do something a little different with their X-Force title, which up to that point had been very Nineties. So the main cast was apparently killed off in an explosion, and a year passed in-universe.

The X-Force name had been taken over by media mogul Spike Freeman, who built a multimedia franchise around a team of television-friendly mutants who performed high-profile missions on camera and lived like celebrities. The reality TV thing was still relatively fresh back then, and worth lampooning. We were introduced to this new, not precisely heroic X-Force...and then most of the characters were killed off in the first issue of the new direction, to be replaced by new people entirely.

7 1/3 pages of 21 from X-Force #120, "X-Force: Snikt!", which picks up after a fairly disastrous first mission for the new lineup. Possible trigger warning for implied attempted sexual assault.

Doop is filming Wolverine as part of a promotional video for X-Force; the enigmatic green potato person has a history with Logan, who considers him a friend. Doop asks a favor of Wolverine, and gives him a videocassette.

Coach explains that the Orphan plays Russian Roulette with a revolver every night; they've got footage to show this, and a plan to use this to get rid of Guy Smith. Starting with releasing an interview with his birth parents....

Edie kisses Guy, and mentions she's on so much medication that she can't use her teleportation powers without a special inhaler the Coach provided. She then hints at willingness for sex, but wants a very specific drink order first. While Guy's out of the room, Edie adds extra bullets to his gun. When he returns, she claims the need to return to the clinic for more drugs.

Edie is next seen at a restaurant with the Anarchist, and even he thinks she's hitting the bottle a little heavily. A papparazzi gets too close and she slaps him down; he retaliates by reminding Edie that she would just be a mutant freak if it weren't for the media exposure.

At sunset, the Orphan puts his gun to his head.

Elsewhere, Edie meets with the Coach, who discusses how they're going to spin Guy's suicide and U-Go Girl's taking over the team. Coach is very cynical about how easy it is to manipulate the public. Edie suddenly looks for her inhaler, but it's gone, and she demands another from Coach. He reminds her that it's too late to save Guy, even if she wanted to, but does give up the inhaler...only to reveal it's got a different formula this time. It's a mixture designed to make Edie near comatose and unable to move. Coach lays her down and undoes the top button of Edie's dress, beginning to sweat.

Without his protective suit, Coach is easily able to torture the Orphan, and gloats about Edie's inability to save Guy. Guy is somewhat surprised to learn that Edie wanted to save him.

It's at this point that Wolverine shows up to even the odds some. Smoke and Succubus think Logan's overrated and will be easy pickings. They're kind of stupid.

Wolverine and Orphan banter some more while beating up Smoke and Succubus, but then there's a gunshot. Edie's splattered with blood, but it's Coach who's kicked the bucket. Logan hands Guy the videotape mentioned earlier.

The tape is over when Edie enters, and Guy tosses it away, calling it "garbage." Guy reveals he didn't kill himself because he detected the weight of the extra bullets; something Coach apparently thought he'd be too distracted to use his supersenses for. He thinks he probably won't be playing roulette tonight.

Your thoughts and comments?
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