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Wolverine and the X-men #5 - one page

Following skjam post about X-Force (version 2000), I thought you should know what a certain spud is doing these days.

2nd panel near the top.

Awww man, why didn't I get courses like this back in school?
Will there be a pop quiz afterwards?
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Considering it's a comic that's always the only symptom of only one thing.

So, whose the father?
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Well considering the cover showing her heavily pregnant it's kind of hard for it NOT to be pregnancy.
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Is she pregnant-pregnant, or is she having one of those wacky super fast pregnancies that give birth to some sort of diabolical hellspawn?

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The latter--the Brood, to be specific.
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It's tiny Brood! In her bloodstream! Yay!
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Gotta love how Pregnancy in comics is always either

A. An exscuse to perminantly or semi perminantly sideline a female character, put them on a bus, and ship them off to 'domestic land' where they're never seen again or

B. vastly accelerated, horrifying, and invariably producing something that is highly abnormal or evil

I know the authors are just working with formulaic cliche's and that ascribing some sort of hidden vendetta against women or pregnancy is a bridge too far (never ascribe to malevolence what can adequatly be explained by ineptitude or a lack of creativity!) but MAN just once i'd like to read about a pregnancy that was a joyous occasion.

And it doesn't count if you immediatly put the baby on a bus afterwards either -_-
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What about Jessica Jones and her kid?
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--I mean--