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Cute Romance Week: Practical Psychology for girls

"I knew all about men... because I'd studied every textbook and thesis on the subject! But one day a rebellious student trapped me wit a real, live man...and nothing in those textbooks could show me how to keep from falling in love with the perfect example of the undesirable male!"

I can't even see myself openly saying "that's the stupidest nonsense I've ever head in my life" to my professor. I just can't.


 Here some links for when my Photobucket is down.

"Undesirable male" - 01 // 02 // 03  //04 // 05 //06  // 07 and the Short - He's My Boss!

Here is the first story from #1, " Campus Loves's "Love's Victory." And if you are still in the mood for 1950s romance (and delicious Matt Baker art), check out  Pictorial Romances #17 (and #9)

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Originally I thought Carol kind of had a point. Not that irresponsible slacker types are necessarily sexier than upright dependable men of course, but women are strongly socialised to hold 'respectable' in higher regard than any other criterion, including actual sexual attraction - and if he just doesn't do it for you then he's not a desirable mate, no matter how financially prudent he is.

But then the comic kind of ruined it by suggesting that deep down women want to be patronised by pushy assholes. Oh, 50's romance comics!

"Why, the greatest minds in psychology have been turned to the study of matrimonial relations!"

No. They. Haven't.
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suggesting that deep down women want to be patronised by pushy assholes.

Yeah. I can get behind "actually, women are different and would not all be uniformly happy with the same kind of man" (as this is the 50s, I won't expect much regarding "and some won't want a man on a permanent basis anyway"). "Actually they want patronising bullies who can't take No for an answer", on the other hand, makes me desire to vomit up my organs.

No. They. Haven't.

WORD. So. Much. Word.