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Cringeworthy Comicbook Moment: A Page from the New Blue Beetle Series

Probably Spoilers, NSFW: Violence against women
Last time in Blue Beetle! Jaime continued to get dicked around by his DCnU scarab, which stabbed his friend Paco to death to hide his secret identity! To save his friend, Reyes forces the reluctant KhajiDa to heal Pacco with a technobug thing from the suit! Unfortunately although this cures Paco of his violent impalement, it also turned him into a red/black version of Jaime's suit! Also, he's evil now!

Now we're back with Jaime and Pacco meet with the third member of the BFF trio, Brenda, comes into the fray!

...God I hate the reboot of this series.
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I'm waiting for this to become fun.

Still waiting...

Still waiting...

Still waiting...
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Fun? Why would you want fun? This is edgy and cool.

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Scary, innit, that they (the creators -- I have no idea who's working on this title) probably think they are indeed being edgy and cool.

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Tony Bedard