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*shrug* It IS a departure but I can see why DC's trying to do it. They want to grab a big readership for the book as soon as possible and his prior cancellation showed while awesome and critically acclaimed it just didn't sell enough. Not that it really excuses it but I get it. I'm hoping it does well and actually gets some of its old tone once it gets on good legs.

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if it gets good legs why would it switch to it's old tone?
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Well, it's not quite a pace I think the series can pull off long term with his character (the current pace) since it feels so far like an extra large setup arc.
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again i have no problem with the scarrab havinig more initial control and Jaime having a harder time controlling it... some of what was done... bothers me... but regardless... i am holding on to hope that after this set up (and yeah i agree this is an extra long setup arch) we will see a slower more character driven story take place... cuz really... we ahve yet to see Blue Beetle the "Hero"
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Honestly, of the minor characters I checked up on, we have yet to see a quite a few the New 52 be Heroes yet.

Superboy, to me, stands out secondmost to Blue Beetle.