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As promised in my RHATO #6 post, here are some moments from the last couple of issues. These pages develop the relationship between Roy and Kory further.

To recap, Crux hates Kory simply because she is Tamaranean, and Tamaranean's killed his parents in what was essentially an alien hit-and-run. Crux's powers are self-inflicted, and chosen as a way to take revenge on aliens.

Just before this first page, Crux had tricked Kory into flying through a piece of machinery that removed her powers, making her as vulnerable as a normal human.

It seems like losing her powers may have restored some of her memories.

Roy and Jason pick up on her distress signal, while they're in the middle of dealing with trouble of their own.

Check out Jason's smart collared shirt and handsome sweater vest combo. I have no idea why he's wearing them, but it's very Classic Robin. Alfred would be proud (also, Jason has his helmet on but no leather gloves. Somehow, this makes him seem even more naked than he is in issue 6, in which he spends about a third of the story completely starkers).

Finally Kory is as cold as she makes *me* feel when I look at her in that outfit.

I wonder what the ridiculous promise was. Perhaps she remembers something about their past together as Titans?

Crux obviously read the first issue.

BUT – just then Jason turns up! Followed by an angry mob, and the resulting confusion distracts Kory from taking revenge on Crux. I like to imagine that she would have spared him anyway.

On the subject of memory...

It's “in the past. So don't ever speak of it again”? I must admit, when I first read this issue last month I immediately got the impression that Kory's 'memory problem' would turn out to be something that she faked, as a way of avoiding uncomfortable conversations that she doesn't want to have..

In the most recent issue she talks again about the Tamaranean attitude to the past, with the implication that although they remember and respect the past, they have a strong cultural habit of not dwelling on it.

However, issue 6 also suggested that when it comes to human interactions Kory's memory really is intermittent, and while the emotional content of her memories remains consistent, her memory for specific information such as names fluctuates.

This raises some interesting questions about how exactly Kory's memory works, whether her poor recall is something specific to events that take place on Earth, and whether the lost memories she seemed to recover when she was de-powered will be permanent.

Date: 2012-02-18 10:43 pm (UTC)
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On her memory--I think that there is stuff that she's hiding and doesn't want to talk about, I do think what Jason said in the first issue about "seeing things through smells" has some merit. In the pages you posted of #6, we don't see her memories of Dick and Roy until after she smells the costume that Dick was wearing at the time.

But with the last issue and looking back at the last few issues, I was struck by something--I just hope the comparison doesn't cause y'all to come at me with torches and pitchforkes--this book scratches the same itch for me that Secret Six did. Fundamentally, this book is about the three (soon to be four) leads who have some good in them, some bad, a lot of flaws and quirks and are trying to get by in a world that doesn't quite understand them.


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