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The Rise of Mecha Sally, the Fall of Sonic

Coming off of Generator_rex's awesome Robotnik post, I decide to do a follow-up on one of the big questions people had about it: What happened to Sally?

At the end of the Genesis story arc, it's been revealed Dr. Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik has been busy, and for quite some time. See, awhile back some aliens managed to put a planetary ban on roboticizing, making the process not work. Eggman has not only figured out how to get around the ban, but plans to implement his proof-of-concept of that workaround on a planetary scale from his new flying battlestation, the Death Egg, turning everyone into roboticized slaves.

Well, almost everyone. As he notes, roboticization won't work on things that are already robots, with destructive results, so such thorns in his side as the rogue battle-robot Omega, Nicole the electronic protector of New Mobotropolis, the cyborg Freedom Fighter Bunny Rabbot, and for that matter Sonic's still-roboticized father, will simply... explode. Not to mention some of his own cyborg minions, but hey, you can't make an omelet without killing some of your now-obsolete minions, right?

Sally and Sonic are... not too pleased. He fights off some battle robots to buy Sally time to try and do something about it.

(Btw, Nicole, the AI helping her via remote uplink? A character who started out as a glorified tricorder and ended up a beleaguered city-state AI with a humanoid body of her own, I'd do a post on her and her tremendous amounts of character development but I'd scarcely know where to begin!)

The needs of the many...

With the beam backfired, many things on the Death Egg explode, including the bots Sonic was tangling with. It's not sunk yet, but Sonic figures he's pretty much won, facing a now-weaponless Eggman who doesn't have any bots.

Then one crashed through the wall and grabbed him by the neck.

Is it just me, or does Mecha Sally's design look really badass?

.... splat.

And that's the origin of Mecha Sally! Good comic everyone, baddies win! All Hail Mecha Sally!

2 pages from Sonic the Hedgehog 230, 3 from 231, all written by Ian Flynn.