Date: 2012-02-20 01:29 am (UTC)
Both of you are right (Im playing the mom here)

It is nonsense if look at It only at the political level, you dont do things only to be PC, is Beyond that. Dont look It as bussiness, thats the focus that somepeople do and It annoys me.

Curiously a woman creator should be pushed far beyond any male creator, you dont hire woman just for gender equality, yo do It because women are different and can deliver a different aproach to comics, in fact many companies expect this plus.

For example it should be easier for a woman to write female characters, that doesnt mean that a man cant write female characters but a woman has advantage.

Having higher expectation for women means you HAVE to search for them and you just cant sit and wait the next Gail Simone go throught the door.

The fact that both genders are completly equals is a mistake from feminist theory (the term is out dated in academy work, I call myself into gender studies not "feminism") Men and Woman are different and that is good thing.

Hell, english is not my first lenguage I have the half of my spanish vocabulary to explain this, well anyway no one here would understand my academyology
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