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Etrangere ([personal profile] salinea) wrote in [community profile] scans_daily 2012-02-20 05:39 pm (UTC)

Mod note: First Warning

Hello [personal profile] gerardotejada, we would like you to remember that [community profile] scans_daily is a feminist community, and would like to sincerely urge you to read our rules with attention. Your behaviour in these threads has been problematic in several ways:

- In this comment, when you say how people should proceed when they call out sexism. It is not up to you to tell people how they should react to sexism, especially when it touches them deeply. Women are entitled to call out the oppression they are victim of, and to frame their feeling about how it touches them how they wish.

- In this comment when you criticise [personal profile] valtyr's tone and tell her "please rest and answer my post when you are more calmed". Tone policing and telling women to calm down when discussing sexism are behaviours associated with derailing and dismissing that themselves play into sexism (women as overemotional). It's also very condescending and disrespectful. Valtyr is not a child and she can assess her emotional state and whether or not she can take part in the discussion without your say. For those reasons, those sort of comments are not tolerated in this community.

- In this comment you said "I trow that article as an easter egg, obviosly you couldnt handle the serious ones or you dont have a student acount to acces some one."
Justifying your behaviour by "you couldn't handle the serious ones" is frankly unacceptable. It is extremely patronizing and very presumptuous. I don't believe you know for a fact what valtyr's academic background is nor what she can handle. Besides, using your academic background in a discussion in order to give more prop your point as more authoritative isn't encouraged: this is a community for people with different backgrounds, but bigotry is something that affects everyone, so we encourage people to explain things in laymen's terms as much as possible. You are welcome to refer to academic studies and link to them, but don't use it to shut down or dismiss other people's point too easily. Also throwing anything as an Easter egg in a discussion is fairly disingenuous.

For all these reasons combined we are delivering you your FIRST OFFICIAL WARNING. Please note that if you receive two further warnings you will lose the ability to post on this community.

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