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Paul Cornell is looking for gender parity at Con panels...

From Paul Cornell's website

"Okay, so this was something I came up with yesterday, and it's mad, and is, frankly, a rod for my own back, but what the hell, it's going to make this coming year a lot more interesting.

I think there should be gender parity on every panel at every convention. I'm after 50/50, all the time. I want that in place as an expectation, as a rule. Now, to make that happen, what really should be done is a ground-up examination of society, huge changes at the heart of things which would automatically lead to women being equally represented everywhere, not just on convention panels. Well, we've all wanted that and worked for that for decades, especially those of us in fandom, and it just hasn't happened. So, this year, I've decided that I'm going to approach this problem via the only moral unit I'm in charge of: me. I'm going to approach this problem from the other end. And this approach is going to be very much that of a blunt instrument.

If I'm on, at any convention this year, a panel that doesn't have a 50/50 gender split (I'll settle for two out of five), I'll hop off that panel, and find a woman to take my place.

There's more text at the website, but I'm impressed by his initiative.

So, thoughts people? :)

For legality, the cover to Demon Knights 7 by Mike Choi, which includes a rather impressive outfit for the Questing Queen, a little action-figure-y perhaps, but given my Saint Seiya tastes, that's not really a problem for me! :)

[personal profile] gerardotejada 2012-02-20 02:42 am (UTC)(link)
Difference is key to understand identity, If you want to claim women have any kind of Identity you need to focus on Women differences.

Your view adress a post modern question about individuality, identity can betraced as someting fragmentary, but that represent Itself on the circumstances. The large exeptions are nothing but an extension of the difference into another set of differences (polysistems theory).

Gender and Sex is NOT The same thing, your sex modifies your aproximation of gender. A woman's brain and social reponse differs from a man, there is studies.

In my case the expresion of women writers differs even in the same stream of literature, Isabel Allende has been criticied for beign a rip off of García Marques, but after a close reading many little differences appear at how she writtes are related to many femenine and feminst writers not just from the Boom but from the post-Boom as well.

The cliché thing to do is tk watch the lingüistic aproximations to the body (biological) that makes the writers, etc,

Biological differences extend or find a way into psychology and society. They arent the only ones but trust me, sex matters.

What doesnt exist is one way to represent them, so women identityS. Gender studies must determine what sex "pieces" go to form what gender "piece". The other way also applyes, much gender "pieces" comes from diferent societies.

Anyways, we must not play to be blind. I have a theory much if this comes from the MLuther King vs Malcom X, society accepted the "kinder" views in order to avoid conflict and in times distorted It to eliminate difference, Malcom X was harsh but wise, an Identity must be pursuited by searching our differences, his mistake was to argue about some ideal one identity and not identityS

For a comic book representation of the last see the original Kirby run of the X Men