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Paul Cornell is looking for gender parity at Con panels...

From Paul Cornell's website

"Okay, so this was something I came up with yesterday, and it's mad, and is, frankly, a rod for my own back, but what the hell, it's going to make this coming year a lot more interesting.

I think there should be gender parity on every panel at every convention. I'm after 50/50, all the time. I want that in place as an expectation, as a rule. Now, to make that happen, what really should be done is a ground-up examination of society, huge changes at the heart of things which would automatically lead to women being equally represented everywhere, not just on convention panels. Well, we've all wanted that and worked for that for decades, especially those of us in fandom, and it just hasn't happened. So, this year, I've decided that I'm going to approach this problem via the only moral unit I'm in charge of: me. I'm going to approach this problem from the other end. And this approach is going to be very much that of a blunt instrument.

If I'm on, at any convention this year, a panel that doesn't have a 50/50 gender split (I'll settle for two out of five), I'll hop off that panel, and find a woman to take my place.

There's more text at the website, but I'm impressed by his initiative.

So, thoughts people? :)

For legality, the cover to Demon Knights 7 by Mike Choi, which includes a rather impressive outfit for the Questing Queen, a little action-figure-y perhaps, but given my Saint Seiya tastes, that's not really a problem for me! :)

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People are told that being sexist is bad, they have a predisposition to not want to be sexist.

And yet many men personally benefit from sexism, and so have reasons to want it to continue.

Is my bussines because I care

The Catholic Church cares who I have sex with. And yet! It's none of their business. Pro-lifers care if I have an abortion. And yet! It's none of their business. Caring about something does not make it your business.

I was given a sort of advice at how things should be, I did nothing wrong yet I have the feeling you were really pissed off with me because of my comment.

It's none of your business, and I told you so. I'm sorry if that feels like an attack, but it is none of your business how other people respond to sexism.

if people is being sexist sunconsiously you cant say he is sexist just he is acting in a sexist way.

Sure I can. And as it's almost impossible to tell whether someone's being deliberately or subconsciously sexist - as people cannot be trusted to accurately self-report - it would be silly if we couldn't.

It is pointless to discuss about how I would like sexism to be adressed.

Then why did you decide to bring it into the conversation?

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Because I thought some one could find It usefull, I didnt think It actually thirgger a discussion. Look if you want I can erase It
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