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Cute Romance Week - It's cute, but it's not quite... right.

One that even Chris Claremont never pursued to it's logical conclusion...

Cypher has merged with Warlock to become Douglock for the first time, and saved the New Mutants, Captain Britain and Psylocke from the machinations of Spiral and Mojo, which had resulted in them all being trapped inside the Wildways, a mind-controlled Psylocke's psyche-scape.

This is the first time Doug has even heard of Brian and Betsy, but that didn't stop him risking everything (and possible technorganic infection)to save them (and his friends), because that's the kind of guy he is.

So he's ended up zapped back to the real world, into the remains of the office that the controlled Betsy was in, and where Douglock had tapped into her mind. Bear in mind that this is the first time Doug has laid eyes on the "real" Betsy...

I can't say I ever approved of Betsy's choice here, but the emotion of the moment is nicely captured by Alan Davis, with Doug welling up into tears in sympathy, and then just giving her a hug...

And so Doug gets a hug back from a Braddock, even if it's not the Braddock he might have been looking for one for. (I adore Brian's big, broad, not even potentially suggestive hug), and look at that smile on Doug, who couldn't love this kid?

And aside from one scene in the next X-Men Annual, where Doug breaks Mojo's renewed hold over Psylocke, not by fighting her mental attack, but by opening his mind and memories to her, so she can see how much he cares and the depth of that emotion does indeed shock her back to her senses.

But nothing happened beyond that, which given the age difference I'm rather glad about. Still I'd love to see the two of them meet again....

Oh, and just for fun, a sketchcard (not mine alas) featuring the two of them in the brief period before several shovel-loads of shit hit the fan they were standing directly in front of...

Now, I'm omitting bromances, no matter how close to romances they might be, but I've found an image or sketchcard or two which highlights cute couples...

Longshot and Dazzler - I'm given to understand that he's been given some sort of "ability to influence women" power, which is extremely skeevt, but that was never part of his original powerset. He was very charismatic, and very good looking, but people tended to fall for him of their own volition, not because of any inherent power.

So this is from pre-those days, when he and Dazzler, made a very cute couple...

Then we have the tragically doomed, but heartbreakingly cute romance between Kelda Stormrider and Bill, son of Bill

And because this is s_d and we have no problem with such things, a couple of non-hetero pairings (Sorry those who like ladies with ladies, but this is my post so we're looking at guys with guys)

Shatterstar and Rictor, whose relationship we can't actually feature on this comm due to our rules about Mr David's work

And let's not forget Wiccan and Hulkling, who are rather adorable together...

There's an absence of Mr Grayson's romance's in my posts for this topic, but that's the way it goes, I just wish I could remember which issue it is that has Dick making use of his knowledge of Kory's weakness... she's ticklish... it's a very cute, very ordinary moment, but rather fun. C'est la vie...

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It's a print book, so I can't exactly -link- you.

Check Amazon for "Chris Roberson, X-Men: The Return"

It heavily features Doug Ramsey and Betsy Braddock, roughly a little bit after the scenes you posted here.

You can also see an excerpt here:


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I've read that fic many many times in the past on "Fonts of Wisdom'.

(My own ideas tends towards Sailor Hellblazer and Dire Fates, but it's been a while since I've dabbled in fanfiction writing.)

Do you recall the title of that Wolverine book? I'd like to see -that- one. :)

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Idly, Chris Roberson a) has declared that his favorite personal mutant is Doug Ramsey, b) writes comic books (last one was Grounded, and Cinderella), and c) is probably available to write New Mutants. He's probably your best bet for seeing this plotline picked up. So start a write-in campaign for him to be the next writer of New Mutants. :) I wouldn't object at all, based on this X-Men novel.