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a mess

~Previously, on Legacy: Everyone is stupid. Exodus shows up at the JGSHL accusing the faculty and Wolverine of leaving Utopia and thus endangering the species. BlahblahblahFIGHT. Rogue suggests Exodus should read their minds to understand the Schism. Exodus agrees and reads her and Wolverine. What he takes from them is that Cyclops is to blame by endangering Hope.

Decides to go to Utopia to kill him.

Wolverine and Rogue have an argument on how they should deal with Exodus - which you can read all about here - - because otherwise I'll go over the limit of pages.

But to sum it up: Rogue thinks they should warn Utopia. Wolverine thinks they should clean up their own mess and that warning Cyclops/Utopia will only make things worse.

Both happen. Rogue sends them a message and then joins the rest of Gold team to try and take-down Exodus.

It doesn't go very well.

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