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Astute analysis. I would have just gone with "oh my god the infodump from HELL." Outside of the Judge's speech in Sim's CHURCH & STATE as a GLARING exception, I always dislike writing that is primarily exposition and this would be a sequence--a whole issue, now that I've read it(the rest is pretty much the same except with Supergirl being punched and burned for pages upon pages)--I'd point to and say "THIS. This is what I mean."

I'll just say it straight out: for all his genius as a mainstream comics artist, George Perez is a TERRIBLE writer. I never understand why, when mainstream comics artists also become writers, so often they are revealed as wordier than Chris Claremont on meth. In some cases it still works--I'm thinking of John Byrne when he did FF. In this case, basically the book has been speech then punch, and apart from the occasional foray into "mope," that's pretty much it. Every issue indistinguishable from the last, really.

This is a TERRIBLE way to relaunch a series. And between this and the better-written Action's ADD jumping around in plot(what is it now, three unrelated plots they can't decide to settle on, and not even ones in chronological order?), seems dreadfully uncoordinated on an editorial level.

The book is just. Plain. Boring. I hope in future Perez sticks to what he does best, which is considerable as is.