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Greetings, Mortals!

Today I welcome this day by opening another Pandora Box of the DCnU. What you are about to see may produce some shocks into your system as a revelation is done in the newest issue of Batman : The Dark Knight.

Batman and Bane duke it out with the latter gaining the upper hand as well as mocking the caped crusader with breaking Gotham City`s city spine as he did once with Batman, thus making a reference to Knightfall. Bane, enjoying his victory, decides to make a revelation.

* Looks confused, takes a huge drink of lemonade, washes eyes and re-reads those 2 pages *

Ok, I am gonna try not to make a huge deal out of this but....really, DC Comics? Am I to believe that Bane was just a dumb muscle that suddenly got smart by taking this new Venom? The guy is supposed to be a Genius Bruiser on par with Batman, for Pete`s sake!

When I was much younger I used to believe that Venom was the DC version of the Super Soldier Serum, that it was not only a way to enhance physical skills but to improve one`s intelligence. Further readings proved me wrong and made me respect Bane more since he was keeping his genius intelligence even when using Venom while Batman was reduced to a hulking addict (but since he is Batman, he beat that addiction). It is Bane`s harmony of lethal force and genius intelligence what has always appealed to me and it should not come as a surprise that I did not enjoy how the media portrays him as a hulking henchman. I am not going to lose faith yet on the DCnu but I think they should think deeper the way they are gonna develop their ideas.

Then again, maybe this new Venom has made him Super-Smarter. We will know for sure on issue 7.



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