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Nothing is more deceptive than honesty. That said, when did Starscream double his IQ?

(Soundwave all the way. Rah! Rah!)
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He does make the occasional smart move. His main problem isn't that his plans suck, but that he relies too much on them succeeding.
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I would have said his main problem is being a rash hothead.
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Sort of... but he does think about his plans ahead of time fairly often.

It's not like he rushes in thoughtlessly. He rushes in thinking, "This'll be perfectly safe because of that other plan I did earlier."
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I'd have said "delusions of competency" myself.
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Delusions of super-competency.

He can do straitforward tasks well enough, but acts like he can outmaneuver everyone all the time.
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It seems like the Autobots finally winning decisively has made him reevaluate his world view.
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Or at least his strategy.
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Hey, two million years of failure gives even an idiot some time for contemplation and reflection.
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IDW Starscream has been smarter, shrewder than versions to come before him in G1. So much so, that I actually was reading the above in a different voice-- the one from Prime seemed apt, actually.
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Hmm. While Prime Starscream is certainly less of an idiot than G1, he's also rather more craven... It's doubtful he'd pull something this grand. (Although in the new season he seems to have grown a pretty good set of wrecking balls, going so far as to brazenly walk into Decepticon HQ after quitting the team to swipe some Energon cubes...)