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Earth-2 Batman and Robin: Before and After

DC Source released character sketches of Earth-2 Bruce and Helena, and lets just say....things definitely changed from the original pre-Crisis Earth-2.

So do we remember pre-Crisis Earth-2 Bruce and Helena? Yeah E2 Bruce started off killing people at first, but then stopped doing this and became more of the strict "no-kill" anti-gun hero we know so well.

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And then there's his daughter Helena who, despite also following the strict "no-kill" rule back in the day, showed that she didn't concern herself too much with foe circumstantial deaths.

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And then there's the fact that Daddy Bats didn't allow her to fight crime in a costume.

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So what changed in the new DCU? In a word? PLENTY!

From DC's the Source:

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“Who will Batman kill to save his own daughter?” asks EARTH 2 editor Pat McCallum. “Right out of the gate that should tell you we’re dealing with a different kind of Dark Knight here. More ruthless, dangerous…the costume is familiar and yeah, there is a Wayne under the mask, but we’re looking at a man desperate to save the only family he has left. EARTH 2 is about to become a very bad place to be a bad guy.”

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“Helena Wayne has been taught how to be the perfect Robin,” said James Robinson, writer of EARTH 2. “Assured as a detective, fighter, scientist, pilot and all around crime-fighter she’s been groomed by Batman to be the perfect caped manhunter (or should we say manHuntress) when she grows up.”

“Before coming to the main DCU Earth and taking up the mantle of Huntress, Helena Wayne fought crime alongside her father as the Robin to his Batman on Earth-2!” said WORLDS’ FINEST editor Wil Moss. “But how did she come to be on this Earth? And why did she decide to become Huntress? You’ll get some clues in next week’s HUNTRESS #6, but for the real scoop, pick up WORLDS’ FINEST #1!”

Holy fuck. At this rate I'll be acquiring [personal profile] icon_uk's Robin fetish only with girl Robins in my case. On that note, I think this means there's no longer an Earth-2 Dick, and Helena is her father's first Robin.

May please come fast! XP
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[personal profile] airawyn 2012-03-01 05:37 am (UTC)(link)
It's a long shot, but I would love if it turned out to be Jason Todd (Wayne) as Batman. It'd fit the more violent Batman concept and I'd love to see big brother Jason and little sis Helena working together.

[personal profile] gerardotejada 2012-03-08 07:24 pm (UTC)(link)
Forget Jason Todd, What about Damian/Helena, not only would they be rivals but Damian would constantly remember Helena that "father dont aprove", cause damian is a big hipocrite like that and also a troll. He would do It for the LULZ