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Some of you may remember how I mentioned that CBS was getting into trouble with Stephen Moffat's production company, because of their modern Sherlock Holmes show, Elementary, having a bunch of simularities to the BBC's Sherlock.

Details in full here.

Well in the time following the complaints, CBS have been attempting to distance their version from the Moffat version, and one of the major ways is who they've got to play Watson, namely, the awesome...

Lucy Liu!

Wait, what?

Yeah, Watson is going to be Joan Watson instead of John in this version, which I think'll be pretty cool. Makes me hope that the show actually does well now.

Apparently the set up for the show is that Holmes is a consultant for Scotland Yard (like in the books and the Moffat version) who is sent to New York City to go into rehab (why? We have them here I'm sure), and ends up helping out the NYPD when he's over there. Joan is a former surgeon that lost her license after one of her patient died who rents an apartment with him, or something.

So yay for Liu getting the role (though she appears to be one of the only Asian actresses in the States a lot of the time, like how Lauren Tom (also an awesome woman) is every Asian cartoon character), though I have a slight feeling that making Watson a woman is to do away with the "bromance" thing from the Moffat version.

For legality, here's Holmes' appearance in the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen,

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If I felt for one moment they were wanting to do out of some sense of wanting to bolster the US economy I might be a little forgiving, but colour me sceptical in THAT regard, this is the television industry.

The chances are they DO want more episodes. However, as "The OFfice", "Being Human" and "Queer as Folk" also proved, that can be done by arrangement with the creators of the show they are mimicking, not by giving them a metaphorical knee in the groin as they push past to repeat their work.


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