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Yet Another AVX Promo

Personally I'm already sick of AVX, even though it hasn't even started yet.

But this variant cover is by Skottie Young

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If they do the whole series in this style, I will buy it.
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This would make it worth picking up...lol.
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I'd actually buy that! In issues, digital releases and TPB!!
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Here's my wallet. Take what you like.
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I'm rather looking forward to this event. I've just suspended any ideal of realism in the whole "Let's talk it out," idea for super hero fights because, simply enough, that doesn't sell comics and comics IS a business.
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I still don't see the point. The superhero misunderstanding is a decades old trope that barely fits across several pages, let alone two main series, infinite tie ins and other such bullshit. You can just tell that it'll either end up with them kicking the crap out of a phoenix-possessed Hope or Jean coming back, and it all could've been achieved in less than four issues. Fact.

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Well, obviously the point is to drive up sales with a summer-event series, but ensemble battles like this are kind of a Marvel tradition -- FF 25-26 was pretty epic back in the day -- and there's always the hope we'll get some character moments as good as in this Cap V. Batman sampler.
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Peter is the cutest damn thing EVER. Honestly if they would do a series with Scottie Young drawing baby Marvel characters I would buy every issue.
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lmao @ emma, so mean.
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If theywould only sell this as a poster!
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1) That Emma Frost is so great.
2) Its nice to see that even as babies everyone knows how Iron Man vs Magneto goes.
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This cover in so much fun. I just love the expression on Emma's face as she gleefully pokes Matt in the eye.

And did Storm just deep-fry her hubby?
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And did Storm just deep-fry her hubby?

glad i am not the only one who noticed that :D
theatervine: Hayden Panatiere - Heroes (hey yo by novak-fan)

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ROTFLMAO. All of this. I was trying to figure out who Storm was turning into a crispy critter!
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Everyone's adorable... except for Namor.

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I'm more freaked out by Warlock, myself.
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Most definitely.
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I actually couldn't figure out who that was until my husband was like, 'It's Namor.'
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No Ms. Marvel.

And for that reason...

I'm out
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Jesus Christ that's the most adorable thing ever.
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1) It's adorable.
2) It sums very well how childish the plot is, making the heroes fight instead of talking ^^
Very good. :-)
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Love Storm and the Hulks. :)
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That sums up my opinion. PIty the series will be about as awful as this is cute.
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I just noticed this... Is Natasha nurpling Hope?
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Love forever.
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This is utterly adorable in every way.