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Remember how in last issue of Batman: Odyssey we saw this....

Apparently rather.... final appearance by the Boy Wonder, as Batman cheerfully detonated his sidekick.

(Click on the image above to be reminded of the scene)

Courtesy of this preview from Newsarama (though the issue is now in the shops).

Gosh well that explains... absolutely bugger all if truth be told!

I actually assume it's something like the "Decoy Robin" in the Lego Batman game

I STILL have no clue what ANY of this comic is about....
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Even so, that's one wacky phrase.

Well, it's a lot LESS wacky than the rest of the book, but still.
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Oh, I LIKE that! I'm gonna remember that one.
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Puts me in mind of Mike Doughty describing his style of music as "Slacker Jazz".