Date: 2012-02-29 08:53 pm (UTC)
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Since when did it become the thing that being gay or dealing with sexual issues was a 'political' thing? The dubious content of the guy's letter aside, that really, really bothers me. Why is Gage pushing his 'politics' when it comes to featuring gay characters? Politics has nothing to do with sexuality and gender issues. Or at least, it shouldn't. Isn't Gage just.. Writing homosexual characters?

And again, I like how the guy writing the letter treats the comic like some kind of sordid gay haven, full of stuff that he doesn't like. It's a testament to Gage that he basically refutes it all in an incredibly calm fashion; I haven't even started reading the first trade of AA and I could point out Hazmat and Mettle as a couple. It makes me wonder if the writer of the letter actually read any of the other issues and just got the last one so he could have something to complain about.

Also, in terms of minorities.. I think the guy needs to read up on what a minority is - But both, again, Hazmat and Mettle, I believe, would qualify instantly. A white guy of any variant, on the other hand, is pretty much the most common character in the business. Also - A WHITE BUSINESSMAN? COUGHCOUGHTONYFUCKINGSTARKCOUGHCOUGH.

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