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Ultimate Comics: All New Spider-Man #7

Somebody's back to meet the new Spider-Man...

After talking with his parents about Spider-Man (Miles' mother for; his father against), Miles is called away from wall-crawling practice:

Soon after, Miles and Ganke run into Uncle Aaron/The Prowler, who has put two and two together to find out who Spider-Man is. To be continued next issue!

Bonus! Here's the scene Omega Red was recalling, from Ultimate Spider-Man #87, starring the late Peter Parker:

Your wit was too beautiful for this world, Peter.


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I don't think it helps that Bendis writes regular Spider-Man in exactly the same fashion as Ultimate Spider-Man. With the quips and the snarking and all, that doesn't help the current vibe of the 616 version being a crazed man-child who'd sacrifice his marriage for an old woman who declared her time was up.
biod: Spider-Man summons the spiders, because he is Spider-Man (Marvel Adventures Spider-Man)

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Bendis' 616 Spider-Man is good in small doses. The problem is that he so often lacks depth to ground the snark and wacky hijinks in.
Still, Bendis is responsible for the one page where Spider-Man beats the crap out of Iron Patriot, one of my favorite Spidey moments.