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The Spirit - Introducing Silk Satin

This is from one of those massive hardcover archives, which are hundreds of pages, so hopefully it's okay.

Think of Silk Satin as an early version of Catwoman. She and the Spirit have the same kind of quasi-love affair, hampered by the fact that they're not on the same side of law and order. Although Satin later reformed and became an intelligence agent in WW2, Spirit was firmly (well, not firmly) with Ellen Dolan by then, so things never worked out. And in Darwyn Cooke's reboot, she's just an intelligence agent. That, coupled with Ellen Dolan being The Girl of the title, makes her a much flatter character than Eisner's version, IMHO. But hey, don't take my word for it, have some scans.

We open with a Prim and Proper British Gentleman Crook, a French Crook With An OUTrageous Accent, and an American Gangster (with the usual low-class phonetics) talking about how they've come to America to rob high-society, being more cat burglars than the mobsters that are usually featured. The only thing they have to worry about is the Spirit, although the fourth member of their quartet doesn't seem too concerned.

I love the feather in her fedora. Not everyone could pull that off.

So they infiltrate a high-society party to steal stuff.

Who says breasts aren't a superpower? But naturally, the Spirit is in attendance and notes something is amiss.

Now there's a move you won't see Batman busting out on Selina anytime soon. The Spirit returns the medal to its rightful owner, with the obligatory "melt it down and donate the gold to the war effort", but then gets captured because, hey, birds gonna fly, Spirits gotta get captured.

Ebony tells a forlorn Spirit that no body was recovered, even spelling out that Silk Satin could be still alive, but it's Ebony White, so we'll leave that part out.

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I agree- I was also pissed off he killed off Hilde, Satin's kid, because she was a great facet to her mother's character (and a fun character on her own).