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Mark Evanier has reported on his blog that Sheldon "Shelly" Moldoff, the last surviving creator to have worked on the legendary Action Comics #1 passed away on Wednesday, at the grand old age of 91.

A few of the items from that link...

  • Shelly Moldoff was one of the artists who worked on the historic Action Comics #1 (1938) which featured the first appearance of Superman. He didn’t work on the Superman material in that issue but he did have artwork in what some call the most important comic book ever published. And he was the last surviving person who did.
  • Shelly Moldoff worked as an assistant and ghost artist to Bob Kane on the earliest Batman stories that appeared in Detective Comics.
  • Shelly Moldoff drew the cover of Flash Comics #1 (1940) which introduced the original Flash to the world.
  • Shelly Moldoff drew the cover of All-American Comics #16 (1940) which introduced the original Green Lantern to the world.
  • Shelly Moldoff was the artist of the original Hawkman feature beginning with the character’s fourth appearance and continuing for several years.
  • Shelly Moldoff was by some accounts the inventor of the horror comic book, having proposed the idea to EC Comics publisher William Gaines before Gaines came out with his own Tales From the Crypt.
There's more, but you can visit the link for that. Mark Evanier's blog is always worth a visit IMHO.

I was lucky enough to meet Mr Modloff once at a London based Con, and what a charming gentleman he was (and his wife was also a pleasure to meet). Alas, no time to chat with him, but I hope the flocking crowds reassured him of how much his work had meant to so many people.

And for legality the cover of that Flash Comics #1, which gave Jay Garrick's Flash his first appearance....

RIP Mr Moldoff, though I doubt, given your work output, resting is what you would enjoy, so just pop along and have a chat with the other greats you worked with who beat you to the cosmic bullpen.

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