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Earth 2 #2 Cover: We See Jay Garrick's Costume

James Robinson actually gave an interview on Newsarama that sheds more details on Earth-2, and sadly the more I read about this new Earth-2, the less interested I am. Out of the entire interview, this was the only bit I found interesting:

Nrama: The description we saw of Batman talks about him choosing to kill to save his own daughter. And his daughter is Helena Wayne, the Earth 2 Robin, correct?

Robinson: Yes.

Nrama: Yes. But it hasn't been revealed that Batman is Bruce Wayne under the mask — only that he's a Wayne. Assuming you can't reveal who's under the mask, what are this character's motivations for being Batman? Is it the same as the Batman we know?

Robinson: At this point, that isn't explored. His origins are much more mysterious. But he has put his web of intelligence and crime-fighting abilities out throughout this world, so he's very much his own version of the Batman on [the main DCU Earth]. The big difference is that he has a daughter he's trained to be Robin and to pass on all of his skills and talents to her. And of course, we'll get to enjoy that with the able talents of Paul Levitz [in May's World's Finest].

It's starting to seem more and more unlikely that there was ever a Dick Grayson on Earth-2, but if there's an Earth-2 version of Batman, Inc. that should prove very interesting. Sadly though, it looks like I'll only be getting the first issue of Earth-2 just for the sexy androgynous Helena Wayne Robin. After that, I'll just stick to Worlds' Finest and hopefully we'll get to see more of Earth-2 Bruce and Selina on that book. I especially want to know what Earth-2 Selina's costume looks like for Helena to incorporate the purple onto her Huntress costume, or even the cross.

Robinson: Yeah, I wish I could speak with candor. But in this instance, it's a bit of a knife walk, I have to say. Unfortunately, for everything that I don't say, there are a million theories and concepts, and people get angry because they don't know what's going on. This is a very tricky book to promote.

Of course people are going to get angry if DC refuses to tell us what we're spending our money on, and on top of that DC continues pulling rugs from under us. How exactly is this smart marketing? It didn't work for the Huntress mini when people thought she was Helena Bertinelli, it sure as hell isn't going to work now.

Maybe I expected too much or was being too optimisitic.

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