Date: 2012-03-06 10:43 pm (UTC)
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Basically Sivana got the information and told these guys, who are meant to be top of the line assassins, to go and kill him, assuming that they'd be able to handle a child if they caught him by suprise...

And the fact that they botched it to heavily pissed him off so much that immediately afterwards he was shown drinking Scotch and angrily calling the assassins a bunch of "imbecilic, braindamaged, incompetant hayseeds!" and that "I should've just sent a chimpanzee on roller skates with with pounds of C4 strapped to its back".

His assistant tells him that they were the best that Sivana's more than substantial fortune could buy, so presumably Sivana didn't tell them that Billy was Captain Marvel or something... I don't know, he might have just told them to kill the kid in the red jumper or summat.
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