Date: 2012-03-08 04:34 pm (UTC)
Really on the negative side eh?

You have to admit the thing was awsome till the "death kid part", the art I beautifull from were Im standing the colors remind me of the origial series, everything very yellow and red.

The raid was very messy, you cant just send "one sniper" when you are dealing with the power of shazam, in the fiction world Capitan Marvel is seing as a mayor threat and that sticks on you. Probably you send a mayor trained force of special oerations get close to him and shoot him in the back from afar, then you got the friend saving Billy or Billy "moving to get a magazine" for the lulz mixed with the dramatic charge, etc.

Look I write better than Winick! no surprises there. But you have to admit what you see before the assault is pretty good writing, even with the cliches, It has an old school vibe but still a modern touch.
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