gerardotejada ([personal profile] gerardotejada) wrote in [community profile] scans_daily 2012-03-08 06:27 pm (UTC)

Things has gotten worse but during Didio there was no planing, to include Identity Crisis as part of Infinite Crisis was thought after the relase of the first, Countdown was planed months before It started, cordinations of Final Crisis and Blackest Night didnt existed, the Flashpoint series was thought in the midle of Geoff run, etc.

Things were planed maybe one or two months earlier, even the whole planing of Infinite Crisis was changed in some aspects at last hour. One or two months of preparation is nothing. Since Didio┬┤s supervision editorial planing has been desapearing slowly.

Editorial planing doesnt just mean "hey I have an Idea" but serious work, the whole act of the DC Nation column to make everything see as It was "planed since the begining" makes nosense when you see what were they publishing at the time.

Changes in script and artist at last hour were all over Robinson┬┤s run on Justice League as in many other books.

And If they was any cordination there was no comunication, not good comunication at least.

But if by organicall you means that they have developed as they go, then I completly agree.

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