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Yeah, the craptacular security at a UN event was what immediately got me here.

The heroes were NOT in charge of security, the UN was. The UN Security teams failed at THEIR job, the JLI did not fail at theirs..
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how did Godiva survive with only minor injuries,

Her hair absorbed the impact?
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Depends what Lightweavers powers are, he may be invisible beyond a three foot range for all we know. The name suggets that illusio-casting is within his purview.
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Lol. Certainly possible. Oddly-specific powers are awesome.

"I can telekinetically move any object that is an oblate spheroid!"

"Well surely that's not a useful power at all. I mean, what in the world is in the shape of an obla- My god. The WORLD IS an oblate spheroid!"

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Hence the importance of using the appropriate conditioner.
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If I were a pessimist (and I am) I'd say in the next reboot
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Ever character is someone's favourite, and I don't think there's a point in alienating even just one or two potential Gavril fans, not when they're desperate for every reader they can get.
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Yup, it's all in the application, and I'm a complete sucker for the creative application of apparently limited abilities.

Wild Cards has several examples of this, as does "Temps" a sort of UK alternate take on the same concept, where super-powers are regulated by the Department of Employment and those who have them can register them, getting a special allowance, but being on all for emergencies in return.

Most of them are, thus, not desperately motivated... Mention is made of a micro-pyrotic who could cause very small fires. No one in the UK could think of a use for it offhand, so he emigrated to America, where he quickly got an agent, donned spandex and became famous as Mr Misfire, who could cause criminals guns to fire whilst still in their holsters by igniting the gunpowder.

Or the guy who can teleport liquids, but only short distances, and so ends up using his power to basically nick drinks from the bottles behind pub bars! :)
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You can count one another one down the line. My bet's in less than 5 years tops.
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So let me see if I get this straight:

A comic book team whose leader is a time-traveler with a history of mucking about with the time-stream (and who's very presence has theoretically violated causality) survives a traumatic event involving his teammates which results in most of them being killed, maimed or seriously injured and which he considers himself at least partially responsible?

Yeah, I'm seeing Booster jumping in a time-bubble and changing history in about fifteen minutes after he leaves the hospital.
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This is fucking garbage. I will not insult the creators, but if I was responsible for this, I would feel ashamed. I don't know if it's the new DCU as a whole or just the parts I'm interested in, but at every turn, it seems like they demonstrate a desire to bring back the worst, most indulgent mock-pathos of the 90's back into the modern era. At this point, they've now fucked around with and dragged some of my most loved characters through the mud to the extent that I may genuinely never pick up another DC comic.

Great work, guys. Thanks. By all means, keep blowing them up, and turning them into killers, and making the world hate them, and having them attack their friends, and terrify their family, and lose any semblance of adult relationships so nobody thinks they're 'un-hip'. There's either an appetite for this, or for the hype that has accompanied it. Me, though? I'm done. I've been reading comics since I first learned to read, and for the first time I can remember, I no longer give a damn about a single thing in the DC line. I guess this was the last straw. You broke me, guys. Congratulations.
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Ugh, sorry for venting so emotionally. I'm just so terribly fed up with all this death and misery, and I loved these characters. Why does it have to keep being so damned awful all the time? Misery is not the extent of drama.
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Booster isn't the same without Ted or even Rip/Michelle. Booster is NOT a team leader, he's a team grunt, a C-Lister who rises above it all, the (in the words of his pre-reboot title) "Greatest Hero You've Never Known".
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Everything in the DCU is so dark (heck, they even have a whole line of book lampshading that fact) it makes you wonder about the mindset of the people running it. They certainly don't seem interested in putting out book that are the complete opposite of that (say like the OLD Batgirl book).
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No need to be sorry. I for one quite agree. DC keeps pushing its readers to accept more darkness and more death and more angst and gives nothing in return. Even in a title called "Brightest Day" there was NOTHING "bright" in it. At least Marvel does put out some fun books and characters still but DC....even the JLI and Earth-2 are all about how miserable it is to be a hero and what a crapsack world it is. Which is not the way to attract readers (heck, even Spider-Man has a sense of humor about it - the DC heroes got nothing in this reboot).
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i think in this case, it's not the "World" that hates and fears us, it's the "governments" fear and hate them, which has been a distinction here...

The Govenments fear the Supers because they can't control them hence the scene with the chairwoman.

But the People LOVE the JLA. because they are independant of the governments.

Here we have the governments essentially trying to have thier own superhero team they are trying to control (and not working).

meanwhile here, the people fear a government controlled superhero team. seeing them as government cronies.

as to the man here who rips Booster a new one, he just lost his daughter, so he is understandably angry. and he isn't necissarily wrong, superheroes do tend to attract supervillains.

that said, i think ultimately this will lead the team to be independant like the justice league, but work on a global scale free of the UN.
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If a visiting President was shot at a UN Press Conference, I can't see where the UN would blame the President for showing up at the function they called. Or at least not without the new channels tearing them several new orifices. The ones in charge of security would be blamed for failing in their task.

I don't see this as any different, there is no rational, or at least no PR acceptable, way of blaming the JLI for being the victims of a terrorist attack, UNLESS they were themselves in charge of security, in which cases missing a bomb under the stage is a pretty poor show on their part.
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yeah that's pretty much what i think, eye scanning by alien/future/hyperadvanced tech usually is a get out of kinda death free card... it worked for River Song! :D

as to Gavril himself, i was kinda sad.... I like the relationship he and Bea formed in the PreBoot and it seemed that carried over kinda... now he's deadbutmightcomebackbecauseofalientech, so im kinda sad
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Chinese!Amanda Waller

hmmm, i can't unsee that now.... i wouldn't be against her trying to play an Amanda Waller game of intruige... Though if they were going for an Amanda Waller type, why not just use Amanda Waller? I mean changes aside, i like Amanda on the Suicde Squad (a book that has gotten a shit ton better).

*sigh* all this makes me miss Checkmate... i loved that series, it did Political intruige well.... the dynamic between Mr. T, Sasha, Alan, and Amanda was great, and Gay Judomaster! (well, Judomaster's Gay Son)
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Isn't that pretty much August General in Iron's origin too though?
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I love you and your puns :D
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yeah i juse remembered theat
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hmmm not exactly the same, but i think this was used in two ways in the recent teen titans issue.

a new villain (CREEPY ASS VILLAIN) who was able to paralyze WOnder Girl and Bunker but leave thier minds fully functional so that they would still suffer or something (which ithink is oddly specific)

However Bunker then realizes, well my powers are telekinetic, they are mind powers, if my mind powers are in tact, well let me try something *CRUSH!* Oh hey it worked! :D
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you are great at writing cartoon villains :D

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