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They... what? They killed Gavril? Put... what?

I am increasingly convinced the DCnu is actively -trying- to destroy everything their fanbase likes.

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I dunno--I had to jog-up my memory to remember who Gavril was, I seriously don't think the fanbase for the guy is all that big. Not to mention that the inherent idea of the Rocket Reds was to be a group, a legacy. I'd presume that this is to create a new Rocket Red out of it.
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While that's true that the Rocket Reds were never exactly frontliners the killing of Gavril was not really necessary. In the pre-reboot JLI, all we knew was that his name was Gavril, he's a Rocket Red, he's Russian, and that's about it.

They COULD have developed his character since he is essentially already a blank slate. They COULD have filled in an interesting backstory and made him into an interesting character. So killing him to introduce a new Rocket Red doesn't make much sense because he IS a new Rocket Red.

Alternatively, if this was meant to be cheap shock value, it makes even less sense for the same reasons. Because we know so little about him, there's no emotional connection. There's no impact. It's just snuffing out a character for no reason. Something both DC and Marvel seem to enjoy doing with alarming regularity, IMO

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I dunno. Gavril made eye contact and got scanned by a fallen robot thing in one of the previous issues. When you make eye contact and get scanned two things are gonna happen in comics:

1.) Your mind gets put in a machine.

2.) You gonna get probed and not in the good spot.

I like to call this the Hank Henshaw effect. So I think we'll see Gavril later on in that big robot from earlier.
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Yes, eye contact and "scanning" will always permit the perfect recreation of a complex, thinking human mind in a computerized form.

Because you know, SCIENCE! XD

That's the problem I'm experiencing as I learn more about physics, biology and so on. As a kid, I accepted these things. As a slightly-older kid in an adult's body, I realize how so much doesn't make sense.

Instead of shoulder angel and shoulder devil, I have shoulder science nerd and shoulder comic book geek.
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yeah that's pretty much what i think, eye scanning by alien/future/hyperadvanced tech usually is a get out of kinda death free card... it worked for River Song! :D

as to Gavril himself, i was kinda sad.... I like the relationship he and Bea formed in the PreBoot and it seemed that carried over kinda... now he's deadbutmightcomebackbecauseofalientech, so im kinda sad
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Ever character is someone's favourite, and I don't think there's a point in alienating even just one or two potential Gavril fans, not when they're desperate for every reader they can get.
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Well, some of the fanbase likes this stuff... the thing is, they *already* have plenty of books that cater to it.

Why DC doesn't like catering to a variety is more my question.
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Everything in the DCU is so dark (heck, they even have a whole line of book lampshading that fact) it makes you wonder about the mindset of the people running it. They certainly don't seem interested in putting out book that are the complete opposite of that (say like the OLD Batgirl book).